The Marley Mission

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Two days after I left my cat with the people I trusted most deeply, they let me find my sweet, loving baby hiding in fear under their couch shaking. She was raped and further tortured by their roommate nearly to death. Had I known he was capable of something like this, I wouldn’t have let my baby near him.

She is now under vet care at South Lake Animal Hospital. She has chemical induced pneumonia, her anal passage has collapsed severely due to the extensive trauma and force used, her mouth and anus have burns, some whiskers have been clipped, others singed or ripped out, and patches of her fur and multiple claws have been ripped out. Her tail is unable to move, she is unable to walk, and she is hooked up to IVs since she can’t eat, drink, or use the bathroom. Every day she’s struggling more to breathe so we are not sure if she will be able to recover but we’re going to treat her and hope for the best.

The money raised will go to her medical bills which are already at $1,300 (but not close to being finished), and whatever is left over will be donated to the hospital to help other animals in need. Thank you for taking the time to read this and please donate as a simple way to help her, and other animals in recovery.

Ekwueme Clifford
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