Save Rusty’s Life

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Rusty was adopted three years ago. On Boxing Day he was surrendered back to us fighting for his life. Rusty has urinary crystals and is blocked – he had not peed in 24 hours – a life-threatening situation.

Rusty is currently at the regional pet hospital – the only veterinary clinic open over the holidays. He is in dire condition. Rusty is receiving electrolytes, antibiotics, pain medication, IV fluids and he will be catheterized to drain his bladder.

This is only step one. Right now the goal is simply to get Rusty stable, which is not a given. If he can be stabilized, he will eventually have surgery.

Since this occurred on a holiday, we are unable to use one of our partner clinics. The cost to simply treat Rusty’s immediate needs and attempt to get him stable is $1,774-$2,440. Total medical costs, including eventual surgery, are estimated to be $4,500.

This situation is urgent and unexpected. We had to act quickly to save Rusty, but we simply do not have the money. We are hoping for a Christmas miracle – we need your help to make it happen.

Bojan Lebeau
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