Save Holly and Puppies!

Unfortunately this project hasn't been funded on time!

Holly survived living chained outside. Starved. Pregant. She gave birth outside on the cold ground. Every human this dog has ever known has given up on her. Augusta Dog Adoptions will NOT give up on her.

Today, Holly and her puppies were diagnosed with Parvo. This dog and her puppies just have to survive.  They have overcome so much already in their short lives.

You will never meet a dog sweeter than Holly. When she arrived last week from a life of neglect in Wise County, she was joyous. She was thankful to be fed, to be surrounded by humans that spoiled her, and to have a warm house to raise her puppies in.

Holly became ill today, so we took her to the vet and discovered she had Parvo. This is a nightmare for a rescue organization.  Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, and Holly and her puppies must be transferred to an Emergency Vet for treatment. The bill, as you can imagine, is skyrocketing.  Its a team effort to keep mama alive, give Tamaflu to the puppies, and hydrate them with Pedialyte.

Donations will be used to offset the cost of Holly and her puppies treatment. In 2016 , Augusta Dog Adoptions saved over 400 homeless dogs! We are an all volunteer, 501c3 charity that has no paid staff. We rely on the kindness of foster homes and exist soely on donations.

Aloysius Whinery
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