Parvo Pepper

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Meet our little girl Pepper. She is a 6 week old Lab mix. Pepper came home with us on Friday December 16th. We fell in love with her the moment we laid our eyes on her. We were excited to give her a great and loving home not knowing the horrible and emotional journey we were about to embark on. The first couple of days she was a energetic, smart and a loving puppy that enjoyed walks and playing with her stuffed animals. Our home was full of joy and laughter. Every person that met her fell completely in love with her. Upon adoption we were told she was up to date with all her needed vaccinations. Unfortunately we quickly realized that she was not the healthy puppy we thought we brought home. Friday December 23rd she became very lethargic, did not want to eat or drink and started having diarrhea and vomiting. We quickly brought her in to her Vet to see what was going on with our little girl. That is when we receive the horrible news that she was exposed to a horrible virus called Parvo. Pepper was started on IV fluids and antibiotics. We were told that this was a waiting game to see if she survives the first 72 hours. As you can imagine this is the worst news a dog parent can receive. She was under 24/7 veterinary care receiving fluids and daily lab draws. Within two days her WBC count dropped from 7,000 to 2,000. We were advised by our veterinarian that she needs to be admitted to a critical care center for dogs where she can get the best hands on care. Without hesitation we agreed because we wanted to give her the best chances for survival. As any dog parent knows this involves extreme costs. Every day that she is at the critical care facility costs around $1,000. The vet is very optimistic and believes she can fight this horrible virus and is giving her a 85% survival rate, but she needs to stay admitted for another couple of days. She is currently showing interest in food but is still not eating. Her WBC dropped to 800 and she’s currently on isolation to prevent her from acquiring any secondary infections that could be fatal at this point. There is nothing worse than not being able to hold and comfort your puppy in time of need and the only way of seeing her is through a glass. I know she is scared and all she wants to do is come home and lay in her safe and comfortable bed. Plan is to start a NG tube to assist her in getting the needed nutrition that her body really needs. We will do anything to help her fight this horrible virus but we need your help. Any donation is a blessing and will help tremendously in Pepper recovery to health. I made her a promise that she will come home to open all her Christmas presents and enjoy many wonderful days at the dog park and that is a promise I am not willing to brake. So please help Parvo Pepper in her road to a quick recovery.

Theodor Jeffery
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