Missy’s Urgent Surgery

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Missy was found stray and in the local animal shelter.  She was rescue only because of the pronounced swelling under her chin.  She was immediately taken to our vet and treated for what was first thought to be an abscess but as soon as swelling would go down with treatment it would fill with fluid again.  We have struggled to pay her large vet bills but know we are the only hope Missy has to have relief from the pain and normal life.  After several rounds of treatment and diagnostics it was determined to be a cervical mucocele which is caused by a ruptured salivary gland allowing saliva to continually flow in to the soft tissue under the mandible and down the neck. Missy’s swelling is once again rupturing and the skin is opening due to the swelling.  The only treatment for this is surgical removal of the involved salivary gland(s).  This is an intricate surgery that most vets will not perform, so we have located a highly recommended vet surgical specialist that is qualified to do this surgery for Missy.  Of course, this type of intricate surgery comes with a high price tag.

Missy is a very adoptable sweet, well behaved dog that would fit in well in just about any home situation.  The surgeon expects her to have a full recovery and continue the remainder of her life normally and in good health.  She so deserves a chance to do this.  Please help NASPR help Missy.  We know this is a bad time of the year to be asking for help, but her need for the surgery has become more of an urgency than we originally had thought.  Thank you for considering and anything that you can do to help is so appreciated.

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