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Unfortunately this project hasn't been funded on time!

Let me just start by saying thank you so much for taking the time to read this. Kingston is my Very BEST Friend and has been by my side for 7 years!! There is absolutley NOTHING I won’t do for him… He is my world!! And it is killing me to see him like this.
I am reaching out to Anyone that can help Kingston even just a little.
I am the owner of a local Daycare, Boarding & Back Country Adventure Business for Dogs called K9 KARDIO. I know what everyones Fur Child means to them and this is why the career I have chosen is so rewarding….And everyone that knows me knows the Love I carry for Kingston!!

About 2 months ago Kingston had woken up very sore and uncomfortable and was whimpering in pain. I took him into the vet and it was determined he had some swelling in between some of his lower vertabrae. We proceeded with Chiropratic and Laser Therapy Treatments, Acupunture and some pain & anti inflammatory meds. Within 2 days we were back at the Vet getting his first of 2 Prolo Therapy Treatments followed by pain meds.
The second prolo treatment seemed to have worked. Within 2 days my happy boy was wagging his tail, had the brightness back in his eyes, the bounce in his step & and was happy!!
All seemed good until he reached for a toy from his toy box yesterday (Christmas Eve), let out a yelp and was back to standing with an arched back, wide eyes & tail down, panting, trembling and in visable pain.
I have made him comfortable with anti inflammatories, Pain meds, Ice Packs and solid rest until I can bring him back into the vets after Christmas.
In the past 2 months Kingston has gone from hiking in the woods with me every day, to pack hikes with his buddies and talking long walks with me in the orchard which is his favorite… to now being limited to bed rest, bathroom breaks only, medications & ice packs.

The next step highly suggested to me for Kingston is to get an MRI which will give a better detailed description of what is happening with his back, muscles, ligaments, tendons etc.  Then the next step is surgery to releave pressure on his spine. I have done my research on the spinal compression/ IVD surgery and it appears he is in stages 2-3 which surgery will have an 85-95% success rate if caught in earler stages before paralyses sets in.
However both MRI & Surgery are costly procedures and one that I cannot manage on my own.
I am hoping to start with the MRI right after Xmas and surgery followed shortly after.

If for whatever reason he does not requre the surgery I will personally make sure everyone is refunded their donation.

I am Forever Greatful to all those that have taken the time to read this and are able to help Kingston even if it’s just a little. Positive Energy & thoughts are always accepted also!
He is the absolute light in my life, The Best part of every day and My love for him is All consuming!! There is nothing I won’t do for him, He has always been there for me, by my side day after day and I will not give up on him! He deserves the very best I can give<3

Emerson Royle
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