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Hello My name is Rick I am a red Dachshund and I have a litter brother named Sammy who is the Black and Tan in this photo, we are inseperable and have been together for ever, this morning I got a very sore back and my Mummy took me to the vet who then after examining me, said I needed to go to the University of Queensland Gatton as I was looking very much like I needed an operation to fix my back.
My Mummy drove 5 hours to get me there and I saw Dr Tanya Banks, if I can have this operation tonight I have a 95% chance of full recovery.
My Mummy Elizabeth Knight has been trying all day to raise funds for my operation and my surgeon Dr Tanya Banks is very sad that she cannot help me unless we have a $2000 deposit to get things started.
If you can help us by donating Dr Tanya said she would do the operation even if it was in the middle of the night.
Please, please help me to walk again.
Lots of love,
Lick and my brother Sammy xxx

Yeho'ash Mottershead
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