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Missy’s Urgent Su...
by Rolland Bennet Animal Shelters , Pet Surgery

Missy was found stray and in the local animal shelter.  She was rescue only because of the pronounced swelling...

United Kingdom , Bristol

  • 3%funded
  • £120,000target
  • Ended Unsuccessful
Save Holly and Puppies!
by Ace Judd Animal Care , Animal Rescue , Animal Shelters

Holly survived living chained outside. Starved. Pregant. She gave birth outside on the cold ground. Every huma...

United Kingdom , Brighton

  • 25%funded
  • £85,000target
  • Ended Unsuccessful
Feral Kittie Clan Fund
by Ace Judd Animal Shelters

Hi Everyone! It was suggested I should do a Pet Funding acct to make it easy to donate. My name is April Muell...

United Kingdom , Brighton

  • 56%funded
  • £45,000target
  • Ended Unsuccessful