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Crowdfunding for Vet Bills

From shots and teeth cleanings to annual checkups, it’s never cheap keeping Fido healthy. Start a Pet Funding crowdfunding campaign to help fundraise for veterinarian bills.

Emergency Surgery

Accidents happen. If you’re left with a big bill after emergency treatment for your dog or cat, get help with the costs from your friends and family.

Adoption & Fostering

Help out your local animal shelter, get assistance while you foster animals, or fundraise for a charity that saves endangered species.

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Hadley’s Surgery
by Rolland Bennet Pet Surgery

The past three days, Hadley has been in two different emergency care facilities searching for the cause of her...

United Kingdom, Bristol

  • 54%funded
  • £5,000target
  • Ended Unsuccessful
Dachshund Surgery Emerg...
by Serge Langlois Pet Surgery

Hello My name is Rick I am a red Dachshund and I have a litter brother named Sammy who is the Black and Tan in...

United Kingdom, Southampton

  • 149%funded
  • £35,000target
  • Ended Successful
Help Us, Help Them!
by Ace Judd Animal Rescue

Second Chance Auction Animals Rescue has taken in over 20 dogs in the last few days, unfortunately some of the...

United Kingdom, Brighton

  • 73%funded
  • £25,000target
  • Ended Unsuccessful
Poor Dumb, Sweet Ripley...
by Serge Langlois Vet Bills

Two days ago my sweet idiot of a dog Ripley got scratched by a stray cat in our yard. She seemed fine so I cle...

United Kingdom, Southampton

  • 5988%funded
  • £2,100target
  • Ended Successful
Save Rusty’s Life
by Serge Langlois Animal Care , Pet Surgery , Vet Bills

Rusty was adopted three years ago. On Boxing Day he was surrendered back to us fighting for his life. Rusty ha...

United Kingdom, Southampton

  • 78%funded
  • £83,000target
  • Ended Unsuccessful
Reinas pyometra surgery
by Serge Langlois Pet Surgery

Reina is 7 years old I’ve had her since she was a baby unfortunately she has something called pyometra i...

United Kingdom, Southampton

  • 39%funded
  • £50,000target
  • Ended Unsuccessful
Feral Kittie Clan Fund
by Ace Judd Animal Shelters

Hi Everyone! It was suggested I should do a Pet Funding acct to make it easy to donate. My name is April Muell...

United Kingdom, Brighton

  • 56%funded
  • £45,000target
  • Ended Unsuccessful
Help Kingston get MRI &...
by Ace Judd Pet Surgery , Vet Bills

Let me just start by saying thank you so much for taking the time to read this. Kingston is my Very BEST Frien...

United Kingdom, Brighton

  • 43%funded
  • £127,000target
  • Ended Unsuccessful
Save Holly and Puppies!
by Ace Judd Animal Care , Animal Rescue , Animal Shelters

Holly survived living chained outside. Starved. Pregant. She gave birth outside on the cold ground. Every huma...

United Kingdom, Brighton

  • 25%funded
  • £85,000target
  • Ended Unsuccessful
Missy’s Urgent Su...
by Rolland Bennet Animal Shelters , Pet Surgery

Missy was found stray and in the local animal shelter.  She was rescue only because of the pronounced swelling...

United Kingdom, Bristol

  • 3%funded
  • £120,000target
  • Ended Unsuccessful
The Marley Mission
by Rolland Bennet Vet Bills

Two days after I left my cat with the people I trusted most deeply, they let me find my sweet, loving baby hid...

United Kingdom, Bristol

  • 62%funded
  • £15,000target
  • Ended Unsuccessful
Parvo Pepper
by Rolland Bennet Pet Surgery

Meet our little girl Pepper. She is a 6 week old Lab mix. Pepper came home with us on Friday December 16th. We...

United Kingdom, Bristol

  • 13%funded
  • £57,000target
  • Ended Unsuccessful

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